Brampton, Derbyshire, England



Town : Latitude: 53.23623, Longitude: -1.4471700000000283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1863Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3568
2 Eliza  Abt 1854Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2057
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1868Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3040
4 Ellen  Abt 1855Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3061
5 Nellie  Abt 1889Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3549
6 Rosena  Abt 1866Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3044
7 Adlington, Eliza  Abt 1897Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2926
8 Adlington, John  Abt 1870Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2920
9 Adlington, John  Abt 1895Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2925
10 Aldersea, Baker  Abt 1870Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3119
11 Aldersea, Henry  Abt 1868Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3118
12 Aldersea, John  Abt 1877Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3120
13 Aldersea, Samuel  Abt 1866Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3117
14 Aldersea, Sarah Ann  Abt 1863Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3113
15 Aldersea, Theresa  Abt 1861Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3116
16 Aldersea, William  Abt 1885Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3121
17 Alton, Albert Demain  5 Aug 1909Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1452
18 Alton, Charles  Abt 1866Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1455
19 Alton, Charles  Abt 1892Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1458
20 Alton, Edna  6 Dec 1914Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1454
21 Alton, Eliza  Abt 1857Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2065
22 Alton, Ellen  25 Jul 1912Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1453
23 Alton, Lilly  Abt 1897Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1460
24 Alton, Rose  Abt 1900Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1461
25 Alton, Thomas  Abt 1894Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1459
26 Alton, Violet  Abt 1890Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1457
27 Bates, Charles Austin  1 Apr 1905Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1729
28 Bates, Harold  Abt 1903Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1742
29 Bates, Harry  Abt 1907Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1730
30 Bates, Minnie  Abt 1900Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1740
31 Bates, Nellie  Abt 1909Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1731
32 Bates, Percy  Abt 1898Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1739
33 Berresford, Alice  Abt 1897Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1429
34 Berresford, Elizabeth M  Abt 1902Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1432
35 Berresford, Ernest  18 Apr 1894Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1425
36 Berresford, Florrie  Abt 1900Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1431
37 Berresford, Harry  5 Feb 1892Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1428
38 Berresford, James Basil  Abt 1898Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1430
39 Berridge, William A  1916Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1442
40 Blagden, Charles Edward  Abt 1870Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2940
41 Boler, Charlotte  Abt 1870Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1961
42 Boler, Elizabeth  Abt 1886Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1967
43 Boler, Ellen  2 Apr 1916Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1958
44 Boler, Florence  Abt 1882Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1965
45 Boler, George Henry  24 Jul 1893Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1956
46 Boler, Lilly  Abt 1890Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1968
47 Boler, Stephen  Abt 1884Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1966
48 Boler, William  Abt 1872Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1963
49 Booker, John Dennis  26 Sept 1912Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3299
50 Booker, Joseph Leslie  28 Oct 1913Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3300

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Harriet  Bef 30 Nov 1900Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2923
2 Brocklehurst, John Henry  1901Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1618
3 Buxton, Alfred  1927Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1488
4 Buxton, Clifford  1919Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2119
5 Buxton, Elsie  Mar 1911Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2118
6 Buxton, Samuel  7 Oct 1892Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1939
7 Cooper, Charlotte  Bef 4 Dec 1890Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3123
8 Hill, Laura  Jul 1920Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1677
9 Lowe, Lucy  Apr 1909Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2102
10 Moore, Mary Bancroft  Aug 1885Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1619
11 Mosley, Ellen  Abt Nov 1898Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1609
12 Mosley, Henry  1896Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1604
13 Oates, Elizabeth  1906Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1602
14 Simpson, Emma  1895Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1484
15 Simpson, George  Bef 15 May 1853Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3174
16 Simpson, Samuel  24 May 1885Brampton, Derbyshire, England I3173
17 Stancill, Isabella  1913Brampton, Derbyshire, England I1714
18 Twigg, Doris  1913Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2125
19 Twigg, George  1908Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2120
20 Twigg, Horace  Oct 1911Brampton, Derbyshire, England I2123


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Dolphin / Silcock  1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England F395
2 Simpson /   1841Brampton, Derbyshire, England F724
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